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Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing includes sea bass, ling cod, and other various rockfish. We typically begin a fishing trip by launching the dory into the surf at the beach, which is protected well by Cape Kiwanda. Within just 2-3 minutes we cast our lines for sea bass and and other various rockfish. $250 Per Person.

FT Bottom


Salmon Fishing

Includes Chinook (King) and Coho (Silver) salmon. We typically begin a fishing trip by launching the dory into the surf and heading to the nearest hotspot for salmon. This can be anywhere from just off the beach to a few miles away. This is typically a 6 hour trip then we return to clean your catch and share the day’s memories.

FT Salmon


Halibut Fishing

5 – 7 hour halibut fishing trips are a great way to get some of the most popular table fare from the ocean. Our halibut trips are unique on the west coast as we catch the vast majority of halibut within 150 feet or less. Other locations along the West Coast require depths of up to 800 feet to consistently catch halibut.

FT Halibut



Love freshly cooked Dungeness crab? Join us on a run to pull crab pots and load up on delicious crab. After returning to the beach, we cook all your crab up and you can begin enjoying it right out of the cooker. Then, take home whatever you don’t eat and share the fresh bounty with your friends and family. Crabbing is included in your fishing trip. If you only want to check crab pots its $200 for the boat and $25 per person.

FT Crab


Dory Rides & Whale Watching

$100 for the boat and $25 per person. Come take a nice boat ride with some wonderful scenery. 

We provide all the fishing and safety gear you will need, and day fishing licenses are available directly through Eagle Charters. Give Joey a call or send him and email if you have more questions!